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Japanese Raisin Tree Fruit

It’s what makes Life Support the best way to stop hangovers. Way before we brought the Japanese raisin tree fruit to Columbus, Ohio, it was curing hangovers all across Asia as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with uses dating back to 659 A.D.

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Life Support Recovery Shot Blue Label - Award Winning Hangover Prevention

All Natural Japanese raisin tree fruit + Powerful blend of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants + Delicious apple flavor + The original award winning formula

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Life Support Recovery Shot Red Label - Hangover Relief With a Kick

Our awesome new product, now with a boost + 190 mg of caffeine – no jitters, just a healthy kick + Delicious berry flavor + No sugar = no crash

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Once upon a time in Ohio…

A group of friends, a hangover, and a trip to Seoul, South Korea. The rest is hangover history.

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