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10 Times Your Favorite Brands Had You Fooled

April Fool’s Day celebrations date back to the 1500s, so it’s no surprise that tricks and jokes have invaded not only our personal lives, but the marketing world as well. We are sure to see more of this trickery in 2017, so keep an eye out for fools this week. Check out these 10 times [...]

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8 Boozy Sayings and Where They Come From

Humans have been consuming alcohol for thousands of years. Naturally, we have developed language to talk about the intoxicating experience and aftermath of drinking alcohol. However, a lot of sayings that are still used today have lost touch with their origins. Learn more about these drinking expressions, how they started, and how their meanings have [...]

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8 Hallmarks of An American St. Patrick’s Day

Well folks, it’s about time to bust out the green food coloring and every article of green clothing or accessory that you own. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and there are certain things that you should be prepared to experience this Friday if you're celebrating in The States. If you [...]

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7 Bold Moves for Change

International Women’s Day is this Wednesday and the United Nations announced that this year’s theme is Be Bold for Change. In honor of this theme, and in the spirit of bringing about change, here are some notable bold moves in recent history. Granted, some of these are bringing more change than others... 1. Removing the [...]

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Seasonal Suggestions: March

It's hard to believe that we've already made it through another month of 2017, but March brings much to celebrate and therefore many reasons (excuses) to drink. Between St. Patrick's Day, the official start of spring, and the NCAA tournament, there is a lot happening this month. Here are six seasonal suggestions to pair with [...]

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We Gave 8 Former Presidents a Spirit Drink

Celebrate this President’s Day with a drink that captures the essence of a president himself. Though most acting presidents could best be likened to an Old Fashioned, we want to know what suited these men before they stepped foot in Oval Office. That's right, we're headed to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, challenged with bottling the [...]

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10 last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Not every couple makes a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but you can't deny it feels good to get (and give) a gift. It can be hard to choose a gift for someone who doesn't like Valentine's Day. There is a fear that you will come across as too invested, especially if your S.O. is generally uninterested [...]

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How to survive Monday after The Game

The "Big Game" is basically a national holiday, but not many employers recognize this evident truth. For whatever reason our bosses want us to come in and "stick to the schedule," making lists like this necessary. On one hand, we all deserve to have a night full of indulging and spending time not thinking about work with friends and [...]

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Seasonal Suggestions: February

Everyday is a good day for a drink, but some days warrant it more than others. Between celebrities dropping like flies and the inauguration of a new president, 2017 has given us all a reason to drink. Looking ahead to February, we have curated a few seasonal beverages that will help you make it through another month of [...]

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10 Weird Ways to Truly Enjoy What Beer Has to Offer

Who knew that beer had so many uses, aside from being delicious and refreshing? For every craft beer on the market today, there is a use for beer that you've probably never heard of. Here are 10 cheers worthy ways to use beer that might surprise you. 1. Take a beer bath Image: Hop in the Spa [...]

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