Life Support Red Label (12-Pack)


Wake up with a hangover? Dragging through the work day? Need a little pick-me-up? No problem. Our newest Recovery Shot mixes the same award-winning Classic Formula with a boost of caffeine to get you going – and zero grams of sugar prevent that mid-day crash!

  • Delicious new berry flavor!

  • 190 mg of caffeine – no jitters, just a healthy boost!

  • No sugar = no crash!

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Say Goodbye to Hangovers.

Japanese raisin tree fruit, or Hovenia dulcis, is the secret to Life Support’s formula. The Japanese raisin tree has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, and is most recently part of a quickly growing hangover prevention market in South Korea. Japanese raisin tree fruit extract has been clinically proven to help relieve and protect against nasty hangover symptoms like grogginess, fatigue, and nausea.

Other Ingredients

Life Support also contains a combination of key vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, which help to protect your body and keep you feelin’ 100.

Life Support Red Label contains Vitamins b1, b3, b5 and b12 for Hangover Relief

B Vitamins

Our proprietary Vitamin B Blend includes B1, B3, B5 and B12 vitamins that help produce and maintain valuable cellular energy depleted during alcohol consumption, helping reduce the risk of fatigue, anxiety, nerve damage and irritability, and increasing your body’s ability to process alcohol faster.

Life Support Red Label contains Vitamin for Hangover Relief

Vitamin C

Alcohol has been shown to deplete Vitamin C levels. Your body becomes more susceptible to alcohol-induced stress as a result. Drinking a bottle of Life Support can help to restore your natural Vitamin C levels, consequently helping your body to defend against stress.

Life Support Red Label contains Antioxidants for Hangover Relief


Life Support contains both Taurine and L-Alanine, which are both important for antioxidation and for preventing oxidative stress. Drink a Life Support to help to restore these important antioxidants so you can feel your absolute best. Your body will thank you.

Life Support Red Label contains Amino Acids for Hangover Relief

Amino Acids

Life Support contains L-Glutathione, an amino acid that participates in metabolic processes. Amino acids play an important role in protecting cells against free radicals and toxic metabolites. Drinking a Life Support can help to restore glutatione levels, which promotes your body’s natural defense against alcohol damage.


Directions for Use

Drink a bottle* before, during or after drinking alcohol for fast acting hangover relief and a boost of energy!
*Life Support Red Label contains 190mg of Caffeine

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